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Principle of Operation

The product is an exclusive SMART scooter, which is becoming a high-tech entertainment tool.

SMART is based on ‘dynamic stability’ principles, installed with a high-speed central microprocessor, built-in precise electronic gyroscopes and intelligent controlled drive motors
SMART will detect and calculate the driver’s operation instruction accurately, then make the corresponding moves.While standing on the pedal, it’s easy to control the scooter to move forward, backward, steering or stopping by your bodies’ motion. SMART combined stylish design,

simple operation,smart control and its environmental construction, which is the best companion for home traveling, entertainment and leisure transportation activities.Instruction before driving

We sincerely hope all drivers will enjoy a lot of fun and take aride the SMART safely.

All experiences of riding a bicycle, car or use of other similar vehicles could be applied to our product.

  • Before driving, please read this user manual carefully. If you have any loose parts, damage or
  • abnormal  situation the may happen, please contact the retailer or distributor immediately.
  • A lot of driving safety information will be given within this user manual, including speed limits, warning  lights and safe power off. Do not use SMART to harm others’ property or safety.
Do Not change or separate any components privately, which will affect normal performance of SMART,  and even destroy the machine. Any property losses or dangerous situations resulting in misuse by this  should not include in our companies liability.
Driving safely
  • Do not drive SMART scooter if you are too young or too old, please wear safety equipment while driving.
  • Do not drive SMART under the influence of alcohol or other unconscious situation.
  • Drivers maximum weight limit: 220 LBS
  • Drivers minimum weight limit: 44 LBS

Bluetooth connection: The Bluetooth module 3.0 supports Android 4.0 and above IOS 6.0 version.

Turn on Bluetooth, search for audio equipment then connect directly.(Mobile phone must install
music player software).

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